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Can Marijuana Ease Breast Cancer Symptoms?
Life and Style Daily
August 02, 2021
2 min

Medical Marijuana is taking the scene in the medical field as an effective means of curing different diseases---one of them being breast cancer. Given the fear of the various drugs included in chemical treatment for breast cancer, most patients resort to medical marijuana, and it brings several benefits to ease breast cancer symptoms.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is a plant-based medicine grown worldwide used as remedies for certain kinds of diseases. Marijuana came from the Cannabis sativa plant that is turned into dried buds. Marijuana has two active compounds, namely delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC usually causes a high, whereas CBD does not.

While the United States has not recognized marijuana as legal, some states passed laws legalizing the use of marijuana or CBD strictly for medical purposes. Here’s how you can use medical marijuana to ease breast cancer symptoms:

Reduces Neuropathic Pain

Chemical treatments in breast cancer, such as chemotherapy, can cause a risk of nerve and tissue damage or neuropathic pain, and it interferes with a patient’s locomotion. A few studies have proven that smoking medical marijuana can help treat debilitating conditions such as Neuropathic pain. One of the neuropathic pain conditions that showed a significant reduction in pain is HIV-neuropathy.

Alleviates Anxiety

During breast cancer treatment, a patient can feel a plethora of emotions that can take a toll on their health. According to a study by Harvard Health, Cannabidiol (CBD), an active and essential ingredient of medical marijuana, is used to alleviate anxiety. Another research to support this claim is the 2015 study and analysis, where researchers concluded that CBD oil is an effective treatment for different forms of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Slows Growth And Death Of Cancer Cells

Recent studies show that THC and cannabinoids reduce the rapid growth and spread of cancer cells throughout the body. Marijuana also has the potential to kill cancer cells. According to the researchers of Amity University in India, cannabinoids “exert potent [anti-growth] activity and activate various apoptotic mechanisms eventually leading to cell death” of cancer cells associated with glioma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.”

Effective For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis can cause a high risk of cancer. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the brain and spinal cord that can affect our vision, speech, and even movement. Marijuana can improve its symptoms such as muscle spasms, frequent urination, and nerve pain for some.

Eases Nausea And Vomiting

Most breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy frequently experience extreme nausea and vomiting due to the heavy drugs in the treatment. Marijuana has been prescribed for nausea that triggers different diseases because of its antiemetic effects. CBD oil and THC are best in combating and managing these symptoms.

Reminders Before Using Marijuana

You may be amazed at the wonders of medical marijuana, but note that the results may vary for everyone. The American Cancer Society and other scientists say that there needs to be more scientific research to support its efficacy in relieving breast cancer symptoms.

If you wish to use one, it’s better to ask your doctor if you can use marijuana and its possible side effects. You can also ask which states that legalized medical marijuana or talk to a breast cancer patient about her experience using medical marijuana.

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