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What is HVIT? Here’s What You Need to Know
Life and Style Daily
June 04, 2022
3 min

A good and wholesome workout is crucial, especially when planning to lose weight. Unfortunately, most people start a crash diet followed by an intense workout for some days, and then they give up. This is very common in people who have a very short-term goal and want serious results in a very limited time.

However, if you want to stay fit while eating a balanced diet without compromising your health, most fitness instructors will tell you to start with HIIT exercise. There is no doubt that high-intensity interval training is much better. Not only will it give you excellent results in a short time but also improve your fitness over time.

Where most people feel HIIT workout is doing wonders for them, things are slightly changing because sometimes what might work for all might not work for you. This is why you’ll see people start with different exercises each week and see what works for them the best. Eventually, they choose that exercise.

If you are into losing weight, it will be much better to stop running after the famous buzzwords like cardio, hot yoga, HIIT, and weight-based exercise and start by seeing what works for you first. With so many options, it is better to test things and see the improvement in your body.

In this guide, we’ll look into one of the best high interval training variations, also known as HVIT.

Read on to learn what HVIT is, its benefits, and how you can start using HVIT for weight loss without wasting time on too much testing and variations.

What is HVIT?

HVIT is the high-intensity volume training where you will have different workouts, but its resting phase ratio is slightly different from HIIT.

So technically, you will be doing high-intensity interval training, but there will be variations in the interval. Within the high-intensity interval training, the ratio of rest time to workout time is usually 1 to 4.

On the contrary, when we think about HVIT training, it has a slightly longer resting time interval. So, when you choose HVIT training, you will start with your basic HIIT training with 70-80 percent effort but followed by just 60 seconds or more of resting time.

Some people choose to start their HIIT training without consulting their health professionals. As a result, they unintentionally choose HVIT training compared to HIIT training. The only difference is that you get a slight resting time extension in the case of HVIT, which is what you don’t get in HIIT.

Is HVIT Training Better Than HIIT?

There is no hard and fast rule about it, just like there is no hard and fast rule about cardio and another extension.

When it comes to HVIT training, you might see less effort and extended resting time, which means you are putting less effort. So, the overall calorie burn-out rate will be less, but the extension of time will be more before the balance time. This will technically mean you might spend less time, but overall fitness for a long time will be much better.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot mix and match the HIIT and HVIT training because most people intentionally or unintentionally end up mixing these training.

However, experts say that all kinds of interval training, regardless of their time, are important, and they will bring you the more or less the same time and results. So, it is a much better option to mix and match different techniques than choosing just one.

HVIT vs. HIIT: Which is Best for You?

To sum it all up, just like high-intensity interval training, you can also benefit from high volume interval training. This might share the same name, but there is a little difference between the technique, and this will eventually help you in the long run.

Before choosing a good exercise or seeing what might work best for you, it is better to give your body enough time and see how your body responds. Unfortunately, most people just choose the exercise and do not take the time to see how it will impact the body and how it will react to the situation.

In some circumstances, there is no purely HIIT workout; instead, you are using both HIIT and HVIT workouts together. So, if combination-based exercises work best for you, you have to take time for that.

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