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How to Improve Poor Appetite without Medicines?
Life and Style Daily
September 14, 2022
3 min

Who doesn’t like to eat delicious foods? However, people struggling with their appetite cannot enjoy most of the flavors of life---they face many problems, from low body weight to other health issues.

A sudden loss of appetite is a sign of some underlying serious problem. But if you have been a picky eater since childhood, it will be hard for you to increase your appetite. If you are fed up with your appetite loss and want a permanent solution for it, you should talk to your gastroenterologist.

Why do I have a Poor Appetite?

There are many reasons behind poor appetite or loss of appetite, such as;

  • Being a picky eater since childhood.
  • Hormonal issues
  • On medications for a long period
  • Chronic illness
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Mental health problems

How Can I Improve my Poor Appetite Naturally?

Some natural remedies and lifestyle changes help enhance your appetite. They do not lead to unhealthy weight gain or any side effects. Instead, they are good for your overall health.

Here are some natural ways to improve the appetite:

Split your Meals into Small Portions

A big, fancy burger can suppress your hunger pangs, and you cannot finish it in one go. So try to have your meals in small portions. You can add different types of foods to your plate, but all in less quantity. This helps you finish your plate and will not make you full for a long time.

Set More Meal Times

Usually, people have 3-4 meals a day, in which one meal is like supper with only snacks. If you have a poor appetite, set more meal times, like at least 6 meals a day, to enjoy your food.

Having small portions of food more frequently in a day helps increase hunger pangs. As on every meal time, your body release hunger-stimulating hormone, which will help increase your appetite.

Do not Skip Your Meal

If you keep your stomach empty for longer time, it will become habitual of it. So try to eat as much often as you can. Even munching on dry fruits or seeds helps maintain your normal appetite.

Add more Nutritive Foods to your Diet

Having a vitamin and mineral-rich diet helps enhance your appetite. But on the other hand, they provide you with the crucial nutrients that are required by your body.

Enjoy Your Mealtime

Having a depressive mental state or sad mood can turn off your hunger pangs. So it is advised to have a fun meal time and enjoy your food. Try to eat with your family and friends to boost your mood and increase your appetite.

Select Your Favorite Foods

If you are fighting poor appetite but you have a list of some favorite food items, you can preferably add those foods to your daily meals. This will help you increase your urge to eat.

Present your Food in a Better Way

Humans like aesthetic things. And when it comes to food, the taste is not only the key to success. So instead, preparing a meal that is presentable in appearance and has a flavorful aroma is more admired by everyone.

Try to garnish your food with your favorite toppings and enhance the taste. This will help you regain the appetite that has been suppressed for so long.

Do not Drink Carbonated Sodas with Meals

People have a wrong perception about sodas and carbonated drinks, that they are good for digestion and increase your appetite. Instead, according to studies, these beverages are appetite suppressors. So, you should avoid drinking soda drinks and beverages with your meals.

Stay Active and Do Yoga

Doing regular exercise is the best way to boost your metabolism. Having a fast metabolism is a sign that you have a good appetite. So stay active and do regular workouts. You can also try yoga to make your body more active and increase your hunger pangs.

Stay Away from Unhealthy Snacks

People usually like to eat unhealthy snacks like fried foods, French fries, chips, etc., and complain about poor appetite at the dinner table. In this case, you are filling your stomach with unhealthy fats, carbohydrates, and unnecessary calories and depriving yourself of healthy food options. Thus, avoid unhealthy snacks and eat your meals at scheduled meal times.


A good appetite is a sign of a healthy body. If you are struggling with a poor appetite, you can change your lifestyle to suit it. Keep your body active during the daytime and do workouts to boost your metabolism. Eat small portions of food but more frequently in a day. Add healthy foods to your meals that give you more nutrition in one go.

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