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How a Low Carb Diet Will Change Your BJJ Experience
Life and Style Daily
May 29, 2022
2 min

The low-carb diet has become a well-known trend that is challenging the commonly accepted view of the importance of carbohydrates in one’s diet. This diet has been around since the 1950s but has recently received somewhat renewed interest. Benefits such as weight loss and an improvement in depression have been reported.

But how can a low-carb diet affect your BJJ experience? Read on to find out.

Why Are Low-carb Foods Good For BJJ?

BJJ is a very physical sport — you’re immersed in hot and sweaty conditions, grappling with your opponent, constantly putting pressure on your body. Do you know that this type of training consumes a lot of energy? One that should be replaced with quality nutrition

There are many reasons why eating low carbs works great for BJJ practitioners. First and foremost, low-carb dieting will help you lose some excess water weight which is obviously beneficial if you want to become a lightweight in BJJ.

Second, the low-carb training will increase your lean muscle mass, making your body physically stronger and faster.

Finally, low-carb dieting helps improve your endurance and stamina (which I must admit come in handy while rolling). Eating low-carb is also known to make you feel better as it gives you less impact from food which often leads to overeating.

Why Are High Protein Foods Good For BJJ?

Almost all organs in our body are made of protein — from our hair and nail to the rest of our body, especially our muscles. This means that we need a constant supply of protein to repair our bodies.

While carbs offer energy supply, they cannot help with healing as much as the protein. This is why we need to have more protein when we start the BJJ workout.

When you get on the mat, you will take a constant beating, which means your muscle fibers will go through wear and tear. To ensure these torn-up fibers are replaced by new and healthy muscle, you need enough protein.

With high protein in your diet, your body will not only get ready for recovery but have enough protein that it can speed up the healing process.

How to Maintain a Good Carb to Protein Ratio for BJJ?

When you consume food, try a simple 40:60 ratio. This means that you will have only 30-40% of grains and whole food items within your meal, while the rest of the food will consist of protein.

You can add fish, meat, and chicken in very low-fat quantities. Then add greens, vegetables, and some fiber sources. Finally, you can add some sides of carbs like mashed potatoes along with quinoa, oats, or some rice.

Bottom Line

In the end, you should make a conscious decision to control your diet. At its core, it’s about eating in moderation and avoiding excessive intake. Of course, you may find that this is easier said than done, especially when you’re surrounded by temptations from all sides. But with some work and dedication, you could be well-poised for a successful BJJ career.

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