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Where to Rent Party Equipment
Life and Style Daily
February 28, 2021
3 min

Sometimes, the party may have already started when you remember that you’ve forgotten to rent disco lights. Perhaps, you’ve also realized that the lights are too dull, failing to have a fun atmosphere.

Or maybe, someone spilled their drinks onto the linen, and now, you need a replacement ASAP. Whatever the issue is, seeing that the event or party you’re hosting lacks preparation is frustrating and embarrassing.

Challenges can be inevitable when you host parties or organize large gatherings. This is exactly the reason why people prefer hiring event planners whose services are a bit expensive.

However, why should you settle for extra expenses when you can be your event planner instead? For starters, you can do this by browsing and booking online sites on your own.

5 Places to Rent Party Equipment in 2021

Did you know that there are several events and party rentals online that can make your preferred activities easier to plan? These websites allow clients to rent party equipment for a more complete and memorable party experience.

Some venue rentals have tables and linens already available, but no amazing lights or sounds equipment that you can use for the party.

But don’t worry, you can rent out other additional equipment from other websites instead. Here is a list of the best places where you can rent supplies and equipment for your event or party:

Audio & Visual Rentals: Triple A Rents & Events Inc. in Los Angeles

  • Professional-grade speakers
  • High-performance audio and visual equipment
  • Live band package
  • Can accommodate televised and premier events

At Triple A Rents & Events Inc. in Los Angeles, you can rent their sound equipment and rent lighting. Your message will get across every corner of the packed room. They have an audiovisual package that contains a projector, projector screen, speakers, and microphones, which are perfect for corporate presentations. For outdoor parties or events, they can set up a festival truss and screen too.

If your event requires an elegant backdrop of premier cobalt blue draping, this company can provide it.

This company also rents out a DJ interface package for a dance party, including a mixer, speakers, mics, and lighting.

Party Supplies: Party Rentals in New York City

  • Can easily accommodate 1000 partygoers
  • Large catering equipment, cooking equipment
  • Tableware, rustic lanterns, chair cushions, and tents

At Party Rentals, they deliver rental equipment directly to your venue. What’s better is that they arrive for pick-up after the event is done. This party supplies company services in New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey.

You can also see which sizes of fitted tablecloths you can use under their Fitted Linens tab. For large gatherings, make sure to contact this company a few months in advance.

Backdrops: Backdrop Outlet in California

  • Photographic backdrops
  • Props and studio equipment
  • Parties, weddings, tradeshows, graduation, etc.

Pictures are a must at any party.

Printed backdrops, photography floors, and solid color backdrops --- rent the perfect made-to-order backdrop at Backdrop Outlet. Whether you need a photoshoot backdrop for a newborn or a senior, this company can produce your backdrop in 7 to 20 days, depending on what you need.

Party Supplies: Party Rentals Delivered in New Orleans

  • Furniture, food and beverage supplies, lighting, equipment
  • Caters to South Louisiana areas
  • Can take orders 24 hours before an event

This party supplies rental in New Orleans has a varied listing of different party rentals, including furniture. They have barrel chairs, Chesterfield Loveseats, Wasser Coffee Tables, and bar stools. If your party is outdoors, they have elegant wicker furniture sets that you can rent.

Balloons: Party Starts Here in Virginia

  • Sports, luau fiesta, spring and summer themes
  • Tableware, party decorations, party favors
  • Availability of different colors for any occasion
  • Rental costumes

Like their tagline, it’s not a party without balloons. There’s something pleasantly festive in balloons. Whether it’s just one color or two, or a splash of different colors, balloons can brighten up any party.

This balloon supplier in Virginia can also rent out thousands of costumes and everyday decors.


Your event is special. Along with the people you celebrate parties with --- the bonding between friends, family, or colleagues is important. Whether it’s your baby’s first birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary --- getting your extraordinary event supplied and organized by professionals does matter.

Checking out more where to rent party equipment? Read ”5 Best Places to Rent Party Equipment Online” to learn more.

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