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What is Construction Management?
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March 08, 2021
2 min

Construction management (CM) is a professional service that manages the overall construction process. This service ensures a building project is finished on time, on budget, and within the developer’s expectations.

You can think of construction management as the conductor in an orchestra. They deal with engineers and subcontractors to ensure everybody is on the same page.

A dedicated construction management team helps manage several risks involved in a project. Aside from optimizing the construction operations, they also establish safety and security protocols.

The team’s primary mandate is to work with all parties involved and deliver results based on the developer’s expected outcome and schedule.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Construction Management is an extremely demanding process that requires highly experienced project managers at its helm. A typical construction project can last anywhere between a few months to two years.

Construction managers tend to differentiate into either:

  • Project Engineers who work mostly on the business’s paperwork side, such as tracking proper materials to be used on site.

  • Project Superintendents are those who work out in the field. They coordinate contractors and other field staff.

Construction managers are expected to oversee a projected increase in construction activity for the next decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment among construction managers is projected to grow by eight percent in the next ten years.

Construction Management Team Composition

Construction men The construction management is usually composed of the following personnel:

Project Manager

They map out the entire building process from start to finish. Project managers oversee the project from inception and are responsible for maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring everything is on the right track.

Design Manager

These managers work with the architects and engineers to design the perfect building. Aside from the aesthetics of the building, they also take into consideration its function and longevity.

Quantity Surveyor

They figure out how much the project is going to cost in terms of labor and material costs. Quantity surveyors also analyze and negotiate the costs of contracts and tenders.

Construction Scheduler

Their job is to determine how much each of the building processes is going to take. They manage the resources and time needed to complete the project by creating timetables.

Contract Manager

They organize contractors who are going to work on the project. Their job also requires them to coordinate every aspect of the project, such as approving budgets, coordinating, deadlines and approving contract terms.

Construction Management Challenges

Overseeing several areas of a project presents several challenges for the construction management team. Some of the areas that the needs to manage and keep track of include inventory, maintenance, and work orders.

Computer Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS), like Coast, can help ease any construction management team’s burden. This Cloud-based software can help you keep track of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and project goals from any device such as PC, smartphone, and tablet.

This software’s useful features include service history tracking, billing and invoicing, and technician management. They also have In-Person and Live Online training to help you get familiar with their services.

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