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10 Ways to Make Money From Home During COVID-19
Life and Style Daily
August 11, 2020
4 min


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused countless job losses for employees and impacted households when it comes to finances not only in the Philippines but all over the world. With the hopes of further preventing the coronavirus outbreak, the government has imposed safety measures for people to stay at home. Considering these trying circumstances that we are in, it has become a challenge to make a living.

Now’s the time to explore and get creative when it comes to earning money online. Here are 10 ways to make money from home during COVID-19:

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after ways of making money online by offering your skillsets. There are usually no set qualifications, but the most suitable people for this line of work are those who excel in writing. It’s perfect for those who have excellent grammar, appealing writing, persistent research skills when writing about different topics.

Freelance writers can freely choose the topic they prefer depending on their niche. However, employers usually pay per word or article written and have a deadline to meet on time.

Here are some of the best websites in the market for freelance writing that you can check out:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • iWriter
  • Guru
  • Writers.ph
  • The Writer Finder

2. Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you excel at organizing, planning, and having excellent communication skills, working as a virtual assistant is ideal. A virtual assistant is a person responsible for various tasks, such as bookkeeping, data entry, email management, calendar management, research, and many other tasks. The catch is you’ll need to adjust to the needs of the business or person that you are working for.

Here are some websites you can check out:

3. Online Tutoring

With the closing of educational institutions around the world, online tutoring now has significantly higher demands. While under home quarantine, more and more parents are leaning towards online tutoring for their children. Therefore, at this moment, teachers or even non-teaching professionals who have in-depth knowledge about a subject can be online tutors.

It takes great communication skills, patience, plus the right equipment, to become an online tutor. Here are some websites you can check out to start your online tutoring journey:

4. Start Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging is a great way of making money online while practicing your passion or hobby. However, it can take an immense amount of time, passion, and effort. In blogging, the more informative and entertaining your content is, the more potential site visitors you can acquire. This traffic can lead to profit and possible collaborations with various people from different industries.

On the other hand, you can start vlogging about anything under the sun. The trick is to make it engaging, informative, and entertaining. Some of the most popular vlog niches are travel vlogs, review vlogs, game streaming, makeup vlogs, food vlogs, and more.

Currently, the most popular platforms for vlogging are YouTube and Facebook. Furthermore, you can boost your profit when vlogging through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and advertising.

Here are some websites to help you start:

5. Take Transcription Jobs

Another good way of making money online is transcribing. It is excellent for people who are not yet confident with their independent writing, editing, and programming skills. Your job as a transcriber is to listen to a recorded speech and convert it to text. The challenge here is to keep it as accurate as possible when it comes to spelling, phrasing, and punctuation.

Here are some websites and platforms where you can find transcription jobs:

6. Become an Online Translator

If you are fluent in English or other foreign languages, a translator job can help you get through quarantine. There are plenty of companies and individual employers that need translating for their line of work. You can translate books, academic papers, subtitles, etc. Generally, you won’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply, but it is a significant advantage if you have a language certification and experience.

Here are some platforms where you can apply as a translator:

7. Take Part in Online Surveys

Taking online surveys may just be one of the simplest ways of earning money online. You may not earn as much as other online jobs, but it is quite easy and quick to finish. The purpose of these online surveys is to collect data, opinions, and information about particular topics. Companies pay to answer surveys and give detailed opinions about specific products, services, trends, issues, and techniques.

Here are some platforms where you can take online surveys:

8. Start an Online Business

If you’re more of a business-minded person, you may consider starting an online business while in quarantine. While it may be easy to start and set up, it’s challenging to grow and maintain an online business. For a quick guide, you can be a reseller of someone else’s product or make products of your own. While making your own needs time, effort, and capital, it can be more profitable in the long run.

Here are some platforms where you can easily start your online business:

9. Become a Driver or a Food Delivery Rider

If you have your own vehicle, why not consider becoming a personal or on-call driver? As we need to maintain social distancing, public transportation can only take a maximum number of passengers. Hence, being a private driver is a great way to earn.

Another in-demand job today is being a food delivery driver. As a rider, you will deliver customer’s orders from fast-food chains or restaurants and deliver it right on their doorstep.

Here are some starting platforms where you can apply:

10. Rent Your Room

Finally, if you have a vacant room at your house, it is not a bad idea to rent them out. Airbnb is a great way to have your room or other properties posted to get guest bookings. However, keep in mind that your safety is your priority. You need to ensure that the tenant has tested negative for coronavirus. Also, properly sanitize and maintain social distancing while staying in the same house.

We hope this article helps you find a job amid the imposed quarantine measures. Stay safe!

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