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10 Fun Virtual Date Ideas to Try During COVID-19
Life and Style Daily
August 22, 2021
4 min

Romance isn’t dead, yet. Don’t let the quarantine stop you from finding love or having an intimate time and romantic date with your partner. Although virtual dating is not as beautiful as meeting physically, it has its perks that you may want to try as we continue to cope with the hardships brought by the pandemic.

The term “virtual dating” can be seen as a plot for a sci-fi film, but there are many ways to make it special, normal, and enjoyable. Here are 10 fun virtual date ideas to try during COVID-19 that can hopefully make up for the lack of hugs and kisses with him or her:

First Date Ideas

1. Do the “20 questions” Conversation

1554-1536x1024 This activity is a fun way to get to know the person you’re dating and prepare you once you eventually meet. Come up with questions that you are curious about your date, and he or she will also do the same. It’ll be great if both of you have an equal amount of items so that the conversation remains balanced.

As a tip, create questions that are reflective of your personality. You may ask common questions, like, “What’s your job?, or “What’s your childhood like?” Or add a little spice to it, such as their thoughts about your favorite films, hobbies, or ideal future partner.

However, since it’s the first date, do have certain constraints on the questions you’re going to use.

2. Make a “top-five list”

371162-PB8QZI-607-1536x1024 This is an excellent way to measure compatibility and initiate intriguing chats with each other. Both of you will make a top-five list of various topics that may range from films, television shows, or people you would want to be with on a deserted island.

If you disagree with a certain rank, you can start asking questions that can poke fun conversations with each other. Don’t be too defensive, though!

3. Do a Show and Tell

2032-1536x1024 This activity can reveal the things deemed valuable in your life or some funny story to share with your date. Both of you would pick things related to the decided theme for a “show and tell” session.

The themes could be showing your pets, artwork, hobbies, favorite clothes, or college sweatshirts. Use your webcam or smartphone to show the chosen items and explain or tell a story about it.

4. Prepare a Meal Together

13644-1536x1024 This activity can show your culinary skills or your lack of it. Either way, the most important thing is to try. Both of you would agree on a recipe to do together in your separate kitchens.

If both of you are relatively new to cooking, it’s better to pick an achievable recipe. Afterward, set your table to a dinner-date like with candles and a bottle of wine. You can talk about the cook-off or anything that both of you would like.

5. Tour Museums Virtually

4369-1536x1024 Do you know that you can visit world-class museums online while in your pajamas and at your home’s safety?

If both of you want to turn your culture on by witnessing the world’s finest curated collections, you can check out the Louvre’s Gallerie de’ Apollon, the Smithsonian’s Natural History, or the National Women’s History Museum at NASA online.

Virtual Date Ideas to Perk Up Your Love Life

1. Have Your Movie Date Night

260753-P4K1XW-603-1536x1024 With the recent online services like Netflix Party or Meta stream, you and your partner can both share a screen while in different locations.

Since watching movies in the cinema is a no-go, you both can have your movie date through online streaming platforms. Choose a theme for the movie date. It can be about films focusing on hope, movies that changed your life, or movies involving your favorite actors.

2. Play Games Online

16802-1536x1024 A good old-fashion game night usually does the trick when both of you want to have fun and bond with each other. More so, you can easily reveal your partner’s secret competitiveness through game nights. Since both of you have to do this virtually, look for apps or video games available online.

The advantage of playing games is that you don’t have to rack your brains out for conversational topics. It generates a shared focus and enjoyment at the same time.

3. Exercise Together

243-1536x1025 Enjoy your time together by sweating through online workouts. More so, exercising is more important than ever as it keeps both of you healthy amidst the ongoing pandemic.

It’s nice to share your struggles while keeping up with the strenuous workouts. Finish off the exercise date by eating a healthy lunch virtually and giving off some admiration for a job well done.

4. Read to Each Other

1051-1536x991 How sweet it is to listen to your partner’s voice while reading romantic poems or novels. Reading aloud to each other is a heart-sweeping virtual date because it can inspire thoughtful conversations and spark romantic memories together.

5. Learn Something New Together

3980908-1536x1024 Find something that both of you will fancy and have never done before. Then sign up for a course, webinar, or a virtual class together. This activity is a great way for couples to bond. It will also help you learn more about the world, and your partner’s passions.

It could be anything from learning how to draw, paint, cocktail making, or learning a language. It’ll also give you something to practice and do together after the self-isolation days are over.

Continue the Love Even In the Times Of Social Distancing

Even though the world’s current state is dimmed right now, your love life doesn’t have to be the same. More so, as we continue to live through the changes, we would need support from our loved ones more than ever. And constant communication and interaction with them can help with the overwhelming emotions most of us are probably feeling these days.

So, do continue the love even in the times of social distancing. Once everything goes back to normal, be ready to give and receive a big kiss and hug from your partner.

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