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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Volume Eyelash Extensions
Life and Style Daily
July 16, 2021
8 min

Ever dream of donning the perfect eyelash to any event or occasion? If you are like most women who wish to look their best by having the prettiest pair of eyes, then you might as well invest in volume eyelash extensions. But don’t let just anyone work on your eyelashes. When it comes to beauty regimens and cosmetic enhancements, you have to be picky with the clinic and beauty professional you work with.

Your eyelashes matter; that’s why it’s imperative to get the most out of every trip to the clinic for a new extension or refills. Aside from the skills and track record of the eyelash master, you also should check the quality of their output, its lifespan, and the frequency of the refill schedules. The tips and factors you should look for in an eyelash extension service we discussed below will help find you the best deals and best beauty professionals.

But before we move to these tips, let’s learn more about eyelash extensions first.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

As its name suggests, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that is usually hand-glued over one’s natural lashes. Though the process sounds pretty intense, in reality, it’s a breeze, most especially if seasoned eyelash masters work on it. And since these eyelashes are glued one at a time, they are highly customizable and look real.

How Is Volume Eyelash Extension Different From Other Eyelash Extensions?

If you visit an eyelash clinic, you might be offered to choose between a classic eyelash extension and a volume eyelash extension. Now, while these two procedures both involve lengthening your eyelashes, they are not the same. The former, commonly known as 1:1 or 1 is to 1, means that only one lash extension is glued to every natural lash. This is best for clients who already have a lot of natural lashes and only want more length. If you aim for a more natural look, this is the eyelash extension you should go for.

However, if you’re aiming for that full glammed-up look, your best bet is volume eyelashes. To highlight their difference, if classic eyelashes are 2D, volume eyelash extension is 3D. This means that multiple lashes are glued to every natural eyelash strand. The gluing process involves isolating a single natural eyelash with the use of overly thin lashes.

Volume eyelash extension is also called Russian volume because of the significantly thinner eyelash strand used to complete the extension. While 0.015 eyelash volume is used for classic eyelash extension, 0.07 volume is used for its 3D counterpart.

Those who are pro in eyelash extensions know that volume lashes are preferred because it is fluffier yet lighter. You will always be ready for any occasion with your eyelash that gives a fuller look. Clients who are suffering from bald spots have scattered lashes, or have very few eyelash strands opt for volume eyelash extension because it fills in the noticeable gaps between eyelash strands. It’s also the eyelash of choice of clients who simply want to achieve a more dramatic look sans the thicker lashes.

So, What Should You Look For in an Eyelash Master?

There are plenty of things you should take note of before finally deciding on that one clinic where you’ll have your eyelash extension done.

One of these things is to look for their output. It won’t hurt if you make a shortlist of all the reputable beauty houses within your area. After that, check out the websites or social media accounts of these beauty houses and look at their gallery. Chances are, you will see photos and videos showcasing their creations and services. If you like what you see, then that’s a brownie.

Check Out the Customer Feedback

Once you’re done navigating the gallery of the said beauty house, it’s time to get real and listen to what their past customers have been saying about them. It’s okay to read the feedback on their websites, but if you want unbiased and raw feedback to help you decide, go to third-party review apps like Google Review and see what you can find. Satisfied clients, like aggrieved ones, couldn’t help but speak their mind about the service and product they received, so you can use this to your advantage.

Check Your Friends For Referrals

Besides reading what other people can say about a specific clinic, it won’t hurt if you also go to your friends for advice. With the people you’re familiar with, you can ask specific questions and even ask them to show the outcome so you can decide more level-headedly.

Make the Call and Inquire

Yes, online research and surveys from friends can help you formulate a definite opinion, but nothing beats first-hand information. So, pick up the phone or launch that chatbox and start making inquiries. Here are some questions that you should be asking.

What Brands Do Your Technicians Use?

The best kind of volume extension is those that will compliment your eyelashes and full look. And the technician handling the process will make or break your eyelash extension procedure. Unfortunately, no matter how reputable the beauty house may be when it comes to other services they offer, it doesn’t guarantee that they have technicians who are savvy when it comes to the brands and tools for volume eyelash extensions. Go for technicians and beauty clinics that partner with trusted and reputable brands.

How Much Will the Volume Eyelash Extension Procedure Cost?

Though the price varies depending on the clinic, know that getting volume lashes will surely cost you more than classic eyelashes. Considering the caliber and quality of the extension used and the technician’s precision, this procedure could cost you more. However, since we’re aiming for the best result, the price is justified.

If you’re on a budget, you can always inquire about promotions. Most of the time, these clinics offer huge discounts when you prepay for your sessions or if you’re a new customer looking forward to their first eyelash extension session.

After the First Session, How Many Sessions Are Left?

The thing with eyelash extensions is that you need to maintain them to keep them looking fine. Your eyelash extension is bound to stay in pristine shape for five weeks. However, most clinics suggest their clients visit once every three to four weeks to have their lashes refilled. Ask your clinic of choice how long your eyelash extension is expected to last and how frequently you should come back for refills. If it’s more frequent than once after three to four weeks, ask them why. If they say that it depends on the growth of your eyelashes, that’s an acceptable answer. If you have to come back more often than usual for refills, that would suggest that their eyelash extension is not at par with the quality of reputable brands.

What Should I Use to Clean and Maintain my Eyelash Extension?

Your technician will usually provide you with silicone spoolies and a lash cleaner that you can use every night. Ask your clinic of choice if these are already included in the fee for the package. These cleaning tools will help keep your eyelash extension even and fanned out.

Are Your Fans Pre-Made?

Pro tip — work with clinics with technicians who make their own fans but don’t go as far as pre-making them. You see, premade eyelash fans are stepping stones for lash artists to add more volume to their client’s natural lashes. Pre-made fans are like molds that novice volume lash artists use to seal the gap between advanced handmade fans and classic lashes. The good thing with non-pre-made fans is the lash artist can easily customize the same depending on the client’s preferred eyelash length.

Benefits of Getting a Volume Eyelash Extension

Now that we’re done discussing some helpful tips on finding the best eyelash extension clinic, let’s move to discuss the benefits of getting one. Here are some of the best reasons why you should be saying yes to this procedure now.


Those who have tried going through the process revealed that it gave them more confidence. Most of the clients of these beauty clinics always longed for full, luscious eyelashes. Those who have pretty average natural eyelashes spend a long time working and swiping their mascara. Though this is doable, it requires plenty of effort. So, since celebrities started donning eyelash extensions, more and more people have been intrigued by the process. While some were satisfied, others were victimized by untrustworthy technicians.

Nevertheless, those who braved the odds and spent time looking for reputable clinics found out that if the technician is skilled and uses premium-quality eyelash brands and tools, the output is phenomenal. You get full, luscious eyelash extensions that looked glammed-up but controlled. As a result, because your eyelashes look natural, you end up looking all dolled-up, but not in an excessive fashion.

Enjoy a Fuller Look

One of the benefits of volume lashing is its ability to give people with more scattered and sparse lashes the opportunity to have a fuller-looking eyelash. By only adding extensions to each natural eyelash, you upgrade the person’s whole look. And if you’re vying for a more textured look, you can also mix the classic eyelashes with the volume ones. They will still look natural despite the combination.

More Retention

Most clients also prefer volume eyelashes because of their superior retention ability compared to classic ones. This can be easily explained because more than one lash is added to every natural lash, efficiently increasing the bonded surface’s area of coverage. And since there’s better retention, you can also expect your eyelash strand to remain fuller for a longer time than classic ones.

Get Ready in so Little Time

People who have bald spots or sparse eyelash strands compensate for what they lack by putting in more effort to sway their mascara. Though this seems like an easy task, it could delay your preparation every time you go out. Your eye area is just one of the many things you need to prep up before you can finally say you’re ready to go out of the house. After waking up and taking a bath, you also have to apply your foundation, put on your make-up, and fix your hair. If your eyelashes are already eating much of your morning prep time, you are most likely exhausting yourself even before you can head out to your destination.

Imagine having full, stunning eyelashes 24/7. You don’t have to spend an hour preparing when someone invites you to eat out or go on a date. You can simply put on a cheek and lip tint and go! Life’s easier with one less item ticked from your daily to-do list.

Your Eyes Will Stand Out All the Time

It doesn’t matter if you have big, wide eyes or small and less pronounced ones. With these luscious eyelashes, your eyes will pop out and show their beautiful color and shape. Since your eyelashes always look ‘done,’ you also look polished every single time. You can run errands, head to the office, or walk your dog, but still look all glammed-up. Plus, your eyes will always make a statement as they stands-out in whatever outfit you wear.

They Look Real and Natural

Unlike strip eyelashes and classic ones, 3D eyelashes look more genuine and real. Since they’re thinner and lighter, no one would know that they’re extensions. Even if the person looking at it comes closer, the eyelashes would still look real.

Final Takeaway

It’s not a crime to want to look and feel good. In the same vein, it’s also not forbidden to want your eyelashes extended and still aim for them to look natural and real. The process of perfecting your eyelashes may cost you heaps of money, but if you are satisfied with the output, and the outcome also improves your self-esteem, then you can say that it’s all worth it in the end.

When you finally decide to get your eyelashes done, take note of the tips we shared above to help you find the right beauty house and professionals to work on your eyelashes.

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