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The Rise of Male Beauty Treatments
Life and Style Daily
July 31, 2021
4 min

The wellness sector used to be the province of the female species. From skin whitening creams to hair straighteners, gel nails, and edgy make-up --- women always have a way of improving, grooming, and pampering themselves. While it’s common for us to associate women with these beauty and wellness products, men are catching up. Now, like women, men are also placing their faith in potions and pills!

Modern-day men think that their body parts are combat zones. Their hairline is slowly receding, while their skin is ageing, and their hair is naturally thinning. On top of that, their bodies are also finding it hard to get rid of excess fat. With all these happening all at once, men were left with no choice but to pay close attention to their appearance. Their beards seemed to have seen a resurgence.

All these positively affected the health, wellness, and grooming industries. All these industries also amassed a global growth that’s worth over 1.9 billion dollars. By 2027, ReportLinker reported that the market for men’s grooming products would reach $183.2 billion.

Simon Cowell as the epitome of male grooming

Simon Cowell is one of the strongest influencers of male grooming. Way back in 2009, he drew a lot of attention when he stepped out of his house wearing a shirt that’s unbuttoned up to his navel, exposing his chest --- something most men would wince at. Because his chest was exposed, people could see that it has been waxed radically, just like the back of his hand. Since then, they started branding Simon Cowell’s style as the epitome of male grooming.

Women who saw what Simon Cowell did to his chest and arms understood the pain he might have gone through. On the other hand, men who witnessed this flinched for a different reason. Though Cowell is considered an alpha male because of his success and popularity among beautiful women, some men still think that one should never go to such an extent to improve their appearance.

Expectedly, Cowell couldn’t care less about what these people can say about his sexuality and sense of fashion. He is confident, and he broke the norm, especially about what one ought to expect from men in the cosmetics industry. To traditionalists, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, hair gel, and aftershave means excessive vanity. For men like Cowell, these are just daily essentials.

The rise of the post-metrosexuals

Fortunately, people are keeping up with the changing times. Now, hand creams, moisturizers, and even hair conditioners have become male staples. There has also been a growing number of these items in men’s Christmas lists. Now, you can even find a hair straightener in a lad’s pad, and it’s not something to be shocked about.

According to Liz Mitchells of Jenners, it’s not just the ‘metrosexuals’ who are becoming more fashion-conscious and attuned to their feminine side, but also boys who love football and pub-hopping. Younger men now have a more positive approach to male grooming than the past generations.

In the past, these men might have their girlfriends or wives shop and decide for them. But now, they are more aware of their options. They are no longer embarrassed by investing in their grooming and hygiene. They also don’t mind asking questions and soliciting pieces of skincare advice.

Like Simon Cowell, David Beckham was also considered one of the strongest influences and inspirations of the ‘metrosexuals.’ These celebrities made men more aware of the male image. With this, it’s not only the women who are not looking after themselves.

Men also think of grooming products like moisturizers and cosmetic procedures like Botox and Profilo. These procedures are no longer taboo to them. There are plenty of straight men who grew more conscious about how they look that they invested in these cosmetic procedures.

The popularity of men anti-wrinkle treatments

Plastic surgeons revealed that more than 20% of their clients are men. According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, over 452,812 males got Botox. Among all the minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures listed, Botox was the top choice among male patients.

Aside from Botox, men are also lining up for LitLifts injections --- a kind of treatment that will make it look like your face is contoured, just like the IRL Instagram filter. According to Deepak Raj Dugar, MD, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, there has been a spike in the number of male patients eyeing Botox procedures in recent years. He said that about 30% of his Botox patients are male, while 20% of them requested fillers for their temples, jawlines, and cheeks.

Social media spurred the uptick in Botox. Instagram and Facebook influenced people to improve how they look. Though this may seem like social pressure, it’s not 100% negative. Men became more vocal and liberal about their choices. They no longer fear being branded as gay when they want to look polished and well put together. Plus, they also invest aggressively in themselves so that they look and feel better.

In the past, men were criticized for wanting to look pleasing and beautiful. When they see a young man wearing chapstick, they automatically brand him as gay. The same is true when they see a man who is neat and loves to wear fashionable clothes. Thankfully, society is now more open and embracing straight men who like fashion, invests in their grooming, and dress up pretty.

Botox is famous not only because it can lessen the fine lines that formed wrinkles on one’s face but also because it offers such benefits as lessened sweating, relaxed muscles, eliminating chronic migraines, rejuvenating one’s appearance, and improving one’s confidence.


Thankfully, society is growing more accepting of differing male preferences and ideas of manhood. Thanks to people like Simon Cowell, David Beckham, and even Ryan Seacrest. Because of them, people now understand that grooming, pampering, and taking care of one’s skin are not limited to the female species.

Men could be as invested in beauty and wellness products, which doesn’t automatically mean they’re gay. Because of this paradigm shift, there’s no need to hide and deny that you went under the knife or you had something in you repaired. At the end of the day, taking care of oneself and grooming are both inside jobs --- nobody can do it but you.

Do you do skin care routines? Read ”Is it Really Less is More When it Comes to Skincare?” to learn more.

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