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Pros and Cons of Android
Life and Style Daily
July 15, 2021
3 min

Choosing a smartphone can be hard these days, considering all the advanced features many brands offer. Android phones come in various forms and features that may persuade you into buying. On the other hand, iOS smartphones are strong in the market.

However, picking a smartphone should always be based on your needs. Thus, it is better to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Android if you wish to be one of its million users. It can be a smart choice or not.

Check out these pros and cons before you decide which phone to buy next.

What Are the Pros of Using an Android Smartphone?

Its benefits mainly depend on your needs, but here are five general pros of using an Android phone:

1. Using Apps From Outside the Google Play Store is Possible

Android users can install third-party apps that are unavailable in the Play Store. On the other hand, the iOS system restrains you from installing unknown sources, making it hard to bypass the Apple ID.

2. Expandable Memory

Being in full storage is not a problem in Android smartphones with their expandable memory. Thanks to the use of removable storage like memory cards, you can easily add more memory storage to support your needs. You can save your favorite apps, photos, and videos with just another memory card, and deletion is not an option.

Android smartphones have two separate storages, which include the built-in and removable card. With this, you will not experience lagging or crashing on your smartphone while doing several activities.

3. Widgets

It seems like widgets (e.g., reminders, calendar, weather forecasts, etc.) are not focused on the iOS operating system as Android smartphones have better widgets.

iOS phones have these widgets too. However, Android smartphones are easier to navigate as you can directly add widgets to the main home screen. You can customize it where essential information can easily be seen.

4. Numerous Hardware Innovations

Android offers lots of hardware to consumers. You can perform many activities on Android smartphones with its batteries, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read-Only Memory (ROM), Central Processing Unit (CPU), and removable storage, such as memory cards.

Some options cover an extensive range of shapes, feature sets, and sizes on Android phones, considering their price points. Android smartphones tend to have a broad range of prices in the mobile market with their many hardware selections---from cheap android smartphones to expensive ones.

5. You Have Diverse Smartphone Options to Choose From

Android offers a wide range of smartphone brands worldwide and a variety of devices to choose from. Each of them provides diverse hardware and features and varies in style, size, camera pixels, battery life, phone storage, and many more.

What Are the Cons of Using an Android Smartphone?

Now, let’s talk about the five disadvantages of using Android. Here are they:

1. Google Account Required

If you have no Google account or just prefer using a phone without Google, Android is not for you. Without one, you can’t make the most of your smartphone as it requires the usage of your account (i.e., installing applications).

2. Wide Range of Hardware Quality

Because Android has an extensive range of smartphones to choose from, it will be tough to find the best suited for you. Some Android smartphones may also deceive you into buying a costly one with no value after a few years.

Unlike iOS, its phone models have nearly the same features and hardware, but it significantly upgrades each model.

3. There Are Just too Many Ads in Apps

If you hate popup ads on your phone, then Android may not be for you. Once you open the Google Play Store, you’ll get bombarded with annoying ads everywhere.

On the other hand, iOS smartphones have lesser ads, which is why they are expensive in the first place.

5. Duplicate Apps’ Functions

Apps with the same functions are just a waste of space on your Android smartphone.

All these apps are already installed, which just duplicates the other app functionality. There are no uniform apps, unlike in iOS, unless you choose to download them yourself.

6. Patchy Updates

As your smartphone’s operating system, Android can be a hassle for some days, especially during updates where most of the time comes in patchy sizes.

You just need to update the app with minor versions; however, you seem to see you are downloading the whole app itself. For some Android users, these patchy updates can be annoying.

Buying an Android Smartphone: Is it Worth it?

For all it’s worth, Android smartphones are significantly a powerful operating system in the mobile and technology industry. It changes the game in the field and continuously offers innovative solutions to our needs.

Buying an Android smartphone is worth it as it provides several benefits, as mentioned above. It has some negative sides; however, it really depends on you if you will not be affected by these factors.

Checking out which iPhone should you get? Read ”iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 12: Which Is Right for You?” to learn more.

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