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How to Keep your Necklaces and Chains from Rusting
Life and Style Daily
June 30, 2022
2 min

Whatever style you go for, accessorizing is often needed to complete your look. Nonetheless, jewelry goes beyond fashion since it can also serve a sentimental value. Hence, taking care of your necklaces and chains is always necessary.

Most pieces of jewelry rust over time because of moisture and oxygen. Knowing how to protect them can save you from buying new ones earlier than expected. Fortunately, we are here to give you some tips on how you should handle these accessories.

Apply lotion before wearing the jewelry

Lotion prevents the metal from coming in contact with the moisture in your skin. It serves as a barrier between jewelry and skin, which reduces the chance of the necklace or chain rusting. Make sure to use a water-based and fragrance-free lotion with as few chemicals as possible to avoid reactions.

Applying lotion can also help you wear cheap necklaces and chains without irritation. You do not have to spend thousands to wear elegance if you use lotion as a protective agent in your jewelry.

Bringing jewelry into the bathroom is always a no

If you can avoid bringing your necklaces inside the bathroom, carefully do so. Since general washing, brushing, and other shower activities leave the bathroom furniture and air moist, taking your jewelry there can catalyze its rusting. So if you want your chains to last, leave them somewhere dry before you enter the bathroom.

Nail polish can help

Some pieces of jewelry tarnish faster than others because of the materials. If you have costume jewelry, coating them with nail polish can prevent them from rusting too quickly. It also serves as a barrier between jewelry, skin, and the environment.

However, applying nail polish once is just a temporary fix. At some point, they would flake, so you may need to paint your chains periodically.

Keep your necklaces and chains clean

Cleaning your accessories like 14k necklaces and pendants is necessary to avoid the build-up of dust and grease. There are many products that you can use to clean your jewelry. You may opt to use cleaning solutions, foams, or pastes. They are used in different ways so if it is your first time, make sure to apply them to a small portion of your jewelry first before you complete the process.

Store jewelry in closed containers

One of the most critical steps in ensuring your cremation jewelry remains in its best condition is the storing process. You have to keep them in closed containers. It will help them not get exposed to moisture that can damage them in the long run.

Leaving necklaces and chains in an open space is not a good idea since there can be so much moisture in the air. Jewelry is stored longer than worn, so getting this process right is relevant to its condition.

If you wish to lengthen your accessories’ life, protect them against humidity. Invest in high-quality closed containers.

Treat jewelry as jewelry!

Pieces of jewelry are mostly expensive, so taking care of them is necessary. Whether you have a cremation necklace, rings, or chains, making a before and after-use routine can help you maintain the elegance of your accessories.

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