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5 Social Media Growth Strategies for Your Business
Life and Style Daily
August 04, 2021
3 min

Social media is one of the most affordable and accessible digital marketing tools today. On top of that, almost every business uses social media nowadays.

But not everyone can massively grow their brands despite continuous efforts. So how can you get the attention of some of the 4 billion people currently using different social media networks in the world?

No matter how tough the competition is, you can start growing your business’s social media presence with these social media growth strategies now.

What is social media growth?

How exactly can you say that your business’s social media accounts are experiencing growth? When social media was first emerging, everyone thought that all that matters is a page’s follower count. But nowadays, we know how your number of followers should work with your reach and engagement.

Your social media reach will tell you how many people have seen your content. On the other hand, social media engagement is one of the most important metrics for digital marketing.

When people respond to the message of your content, it promotes organic engagement and helps you advertise your brand to more and more people. Engagement humanizes your brand, and people want to see brands they can genuinely connect with.

Social Media Growth Strategies

If you’re not taking advantage of social media right now, you’re probably missing out on an inexpensive and effective way to reach as many people as you can. With these social media growth strategies, you can maximize the benefits of having your platform.

Take the first step and create your profile to start engaging with customers. Remember that followers you attract and engage with have a bigger chance of becoming your loyal customers.

Providing High-Quality Content

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But providing high-quality content is not all about the visuals. Remember that your social media page should work for your followers. Target your high-quality content to make your potential customers see how your product will help them in their everyday lives.

Your design team can take care of your content. Just make sure that your page sticks to a theme that makes your account more pleasing and aesthetic to the eyes.

Some of the types of posts that you can explore are time-sensitive posts like Instagram and Facebook Stories, short-form videos like Tiktok video content, or posts that show your human side (personal contents).

Build relationships through engagement

Your social media accounts should focus on socializing with your audience and potential customers. Listen as they talk and consider their opinions. Just don’t entertain trolls or get discouraged when people leave negative comments.

When consumers are satisfied with their social media experience with you, they are more likely to make a purchase or avail of your services. To engage with your customers, create thought-provoking questions and ask your audience for responses.

You can do this by posting Instagram Stickers or Questions, Facebook polls, or Twitter votes. This is one of the easiest ways you can know their insights or suggestions. Communication tools such as Messenger chatbots can also help you attend to each of your followers’ queries.

Observing competitors

In any kind of platform, you should always observe your competitors to learn from them. You can try to use social media monitoring tools to check on your competitors’ activities.

Using these tools will help you notice the best-performing content of other brands. This will give you an insight into what your competitor’s customers expect. It gives you a chance to adjust what you offer and sway customers to your side. One way to do this is to monitor other brand’s hashtags across multiple social media channels.

Personalization for customers

To put it bluntly, customers love when you give them attention and personalized services. Through your social media presence, you can speak directly with your followers.

Try featuring your customers on your page. Not only will this increase engagement, but it will also make them feel recognized and seen. For example, try reposting their content that features your brand. You can also urge them to tag your page upon purchase to make this easier.


Collaborating with other brands will help increase your reach and promote your brand awareness. This is one of the ways different brands help each other to grow their followers. Aside from that, you can also collaborate with influencers to sway customers to your page. You can also start off by partnering with micro-influencers to increase your product credibility.

Another way to collaborate in social media is using User-generated content (UGC). It encourages follower-to-customer conversion and brand loyalty with customers who engage with your brand consistently.

An example of UGC is publishing a post that persuades your followers to share their stories. In the case of Adobe, they promote their products by asking people to share their artworks that were created in the software. They then repost these artworks on their page.

Keep on improving

Although social media algorithms and trends continue to evolve, these growth strategies will always be effective. Just make sure to continue learning and adapting to these changes.

Analyze your social media activity to help you assess your current performance. It takes a lot of experimenting and trial-and-error to grow your social media presence, so stay consistent and don’t give up easily!

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